Home Warranty for Appliances

We all know that the current market is overflowing with insurance products designed to catch a buyer’s attention. All of these insurance options often leaves you confused as to what would be a perfect choice. One such category of insurance where there is an enormous conflict of choice is the appliance home warranty. Everyone wishes to ensure their household devices with the best possible plans to ward off unnecessary expenses. However making a decision between Home Warranty and an Extended Warranty is a very tough call.

Home Warranties cover all your major appliances, and all you have to do is pay a fixed sum as an annual premium. Each time you use your Warranty for a repair, the amount will be deducted by a little. An extended warranty often charges a fee that does not waiver each time you service. However, these plans are mostly sold during the initial few years of an appliance.

Also, the important point is that while your Home Warranty covers all the major USED appliances, Extended Warranty only covers NEW devices. And these warranties although they do have some services in common, they are usually meant for different purposes. Extended warranty also called as a service contract, often begin at the termination of the manufacturer’s warranty.

These policies are ideally suited for homeowners who have appliances that are relatively new because the chances that these devices may fail in the first 3-4 years are small. On the other hand, although the Home Warranty comes with a higher price tag, it could be the one considered to give its users a much more tension-free life as they do not have to worry about each device separately.

Companies that offer an extended home warranty argue that their services are better and that they have more economical rates than the competition. It is observed to be true; however, it does not help the user if he shall require frequent repairs and if his appliances are considerably old.

Home Warranty

* Covers all the appliances in your home
* Best suited if your appliances are used and if they require frequent repairs.
* Higher price, calls for an annual premium to be paid, has deductibles.
* Adds value to the product


* Covers repair and replacement costs of old appliances that are more prone to damage
* Covers damages resulting from wear and tear
* the plans have the provision to send experienced technicians to your home.
* A single home warranty plan covers multiple devices

Extended Home Warranty

* Appliance detail, must be taken separately for each device.
* Ideally suited if your appliances are new.
* Economic prices, fixed fee, no deductibles.
* Adds value to the product


* Begins soon after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, hence ensuring prolonged coverage.
* Less expensive as come to Home Warranty and is appliance specific.
* Saves you from expensive repairs right after you purchased a new device
* Adds value to your device if you wish to sell it while it is still new.